Random - Must Have Stuff

  • Beard Lights

    Beard Lights

    Have you ever wondered why Santa’s beard is so bright that it lights up wherever he happens to be? It sort of makes sense when...

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  • Werewolf Dog Muzzle

    Werewolf Dog Muzzle

    How do you prevent strangers from petting your dog when you go out for a walk? Easy! Just give the lovely pet a scary beasty...

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  • lamp 1

    Crescent Roll Lamp

    Have you ever met someone who loved bread so much, they can’t live without it? The crescent roll lamp is for them. Calling all bread...

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  • Animated Halloween Props Screamer Witch

    Animated Halloween Props

    What could be better than a creepy looking psycho lady/witch sitting on your front porch on Halloween? How about one that moves and throws things...

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  • Hairy Chest Bathing Suit

    Hairy Chest Bathing Suit

    The hairy chest bathing suit is one of those Internet sensations that make excellent gag gifts. This is a woman’s tank-style bathing suit. It has...

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  • Sweat Activated T-Shirt

    Sweat Activated T-Shirt

    Workout wear just isn’t like it used to be. Sure, there are high tech materials and flashy colors. We prefer the days when you could...

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  • Pokemon Bookmarks

    Pokemon Bookmarks

    Pokemon is an iconic franchise, and pretty much everyone can appreciate them. One unique gift that you can give to any fan of the series...

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  • SwitchBot Curtain

    SwitchBot Curtain

    Opening and closing curtains can be a real pain. So much so that if you could get the job done by actually avoiding having to...

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