Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

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Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

We understand that your personal grooming needs and routine should remain strictly personal and private. However, if the chore of trimming your nose hair is something you completely despise and would rather not do, the Ray Gun Nose Trimmer is here to put a little bit of fun into the job. After all, if trimming your nose hair was fun, you’d probably do it a little more often. Thanks to this nifty little invention, you can quickly and easily zap those nose hairs into oblivion with little or no effort. Well, okay, there is no actual vaporizing laser beam but the Grooming Gun is easy to use and looks pretty cool when you use it.

Ray Gun Ear Hair Trimmer

The design is compact and made to look like an actual futuristic ray gun of some kind as you would expect to see in a cheesy science fiction movie. Only this one has a very specific task that is takes care of with ease. Using just one AA battery (not included) you insert the tip of the Ray Gun Nose Trimmer barrel into your nose. Pull the trigger and the trimming end activates in a circular motion destroying the offending (and sometimes offensive) nose hairs. It even does a great job of attacking ear hair and pretty much anywhere else you feel inclined to zap unwanted hair with a nose hair trimming tool. It comes packaged in a box that measures 18cm x 12cm x 5cm which hardly contains the power and weaponry that you can unleash when needed in the privacy of your bathroom!

Grooming Gun

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