Rekindle Candle

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Rekindle Candle

Candles are always a nice touch. Whether you use them as light sources, or to set a mood, there is nothing quite like the look and feel of light that comes from a flickering candle. The only problem is that the average wax candle will melt and over time disappear into a pile of molten wax. This Rekindle Candle is different. In fact, it could be the last candle you will ever buy because it really never melts down to nothing. But it does still melt and that is the secret.

Rekindle Candle

Essentially this Regenerating Candlestick reuses the wax that melts away during use and transforms it into a candle that never burns down to nothing. There is a bit of a trick to the design, but that is what makes this such an amazing candlestick. The candle comes with an acrylic stem that is the same tubular shape as the candle itself. As the candle burns and melts the wax away, it is collected in the acrylic stem. It is from this pooling of warm wax that the candle regenerates itself.

Regenerating Candlestick

As the used, collected wax forms around a strip of wick that runs down the centre, it creates a brand new candle. After the stem is full, the new candlestick splits the stem apart to reveal a brand new candle which is ready to light and use all over again. In other words, this Rekindle Candle will never end. The unit comes with a base in your choice of stainless steel, porcelain or anodized aluminum. It is truly a recycled, eco-friendly kind of candle for all uses in your home!

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