Remote Controlled Flying Witch

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Remote Controlled Flying Witch

Nothing makes more sense at Halloween than seeing a flying witch in the sky. What may not make quite as much sense is if that witch happens to be one that is remote controlled. With that in mind, expert remote-controlled plane craftsman Otto Dieffenbach from Flyguy Promotions created the one Halloween prank that will take quite some time to match or top. It’s a Remote Controlled Flying Witch!

Remote Controlled Flying Witch

There is no doubt that when you hold this specially designed remote controlled airplane, it doesn’t resemble much at all but once it takes flight it creates the most incredible visual that looks just like a witch flying on a broom. You can even customize the look of the witch or warlock to resemble someone that your family and friends will recognize and marvel at the flying skills displayed. It is truly a spooky idea gone mad.

Flying Wizard

The whole idea behind the gag is the skillfully designed cut out shapes that accompany the remote controlled plane. With the cut outs strategically placed on the plane, you can quickly and easily design your own aircraft to look like either a flying witch or a flying warlock. The coolest thing is that once it is flying around your neighborhood, you’ll give anyone who sees it a bit of a fright and possibly even a chuckle or two. In fact, the more of these you have flying around, the more likely it will look as if there has been a witch and warlock invasion in your town!

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