Revolver Pen Holder

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Revolver Pen Holder

Take your best shot with this stunning Revolver Pen Holder. It is shaped to look like the gun cylinder of a revolver and is large enough to hold various types of writing instruments. From pens and pencils to markers and highlighters. Plus, it will also hold letter openers, scissors and other office tools that you really need to have handy during a typical day at the office. But with this pen holder, it shows everyone else that you mean business.

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Made from heavy-duty cast aluminum, the Gun Cylinder Pen Holder is heavier than it looks and is as durable. Plus, it comes in handy as a paperweight as well. There are so many ways you can make use of this office companion. Not only for the uses already mentioned, but you can use this as a great conversation piece just by leaving it on your desk or sitting it on a shelf. There is no doubt that it has to look that will draw attention wherever you choose to put it.

Revolver Cylinder Pen Holder

And it makes a great gift for people you know who are gun enthusiasts, work in law enforcement, have careers in the military or just happen to have an interest in guns or gun accessories. Expect this one to last a long time as it was expertly designed and made with the highest quality materials. Show the others you work with that you should not be messed around with when you bring out this gun pen holder that is oversized and serious!

Revolver Penholder

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