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Rick and Morty Monopoly

In case you were getting bored playing Monopoly the old fashioned way, this will give you a completely different perspective on the game. Rick and Morty Monopoly is similar to the classic property buying and selling game but that’s about all. Sure, the property being bought and sold are pieces that are familiar to fans of the show including locations taken from the Cromulon Dimension, Gazorpazorp and Planet Squanch. With some of your favorites from Earth as well.

Monopoly Rick and Morty Edition

And instead of using the classic Monopoly money, which is typically worth nothing, with the Rick and Morty Monopoly Board Game you get to use the custom themed Flurbo currency. We are not making any of this up and if you are a fan of The Smiths you will completely know what we mean. This is most certainly not your garden variety Monopoly game regardless of where you time portal send it to an attempt to retrieve it. Thankfully there are instructions also included.

Funny Monopoly Board Game

In addition to being an officially licensed Rick and Morty product, this board game really does go way out of this world. It comes complete with six collectible tokens, a custom-designed game board, custom Flooble Cranks, and Gooble Boxes instead of houses and hotels. The Chance and Community Chest cards have also been replaced with Get Schwifty! And Inter-dimensional Cable TV cards. It’s a whole new face of Monopoly that shakes up the past and turns it into something new. Sounds like a real blast to play regardless of your great time traveling skill!

Rick & Morty Edition Board Game
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