Rick and Morty Night Lights

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Rick And Morty Lamps

Don’t stumble around in the dark anymore unless you happen to enjoy skinning your knees and bumping into things you can’t see. If you prefer to wander the darkened halls in your home safely, these Rick and Morty Night Lights will help to illuminate your space. At least they will go a far way in keeping you from having an accident or tripping over something you shouldn’t. With a little bit of light, you’ll make it to the kitchen safe.

Morty Night Light

In order for these Rick and Morty Lamps to work, you do have to do something to them. That is install 2 AA batteries in each and then you’ll be able to find your way around easier at night. These lights are designed in the shapes of both of your favorite characters which give each night light a particular amount of fun.

Rick Night Light

Bring a little bit of joy into your home with these adorable and functional mini night lights. We don’t have to tell you how important it is to be able to find your way around the inside of your house at night. But if you choose to not use the normal lights to prevent from waking someone up, these specially designed night lights that look a lot like Rick and Morty are perfect for the job. You’ll never get lost in the dark down by the cooler ever again as a result!

Rick and Morty Night Lights

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