Rick and Morty Portal Bookends

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Rick And Morty Portal Bookends

We dare you to show us any other set of bookends that look remotely like these. We dare you because we know that no such thing exists. The Rick and Morty Portal Bookends are truly a one-of-a-kind item. That’s partly due to the fact that there has never been a wacky uncle and nephew team like this before that had such a large selection of licensed merchandise. And there is no other set of bookends on this planet that include a portal for time travel.

Spectacular Rick And Morty Portal Bookends

Essentially, these Spectacular Rick and Morty Portal Bookends are going to be educational tools in addition to serving a practical function. The education component comes from their time-traveling exploits that are evident in the design of these bookends. The practical component is that as fun as they are, these two pieces happen to work just fine as bookends. Sure, they are collectible bookends but they still do the job they were originally designed to do.

Funny Rick And Morty Portal Bookends

They measure roughly 7 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches and look just like Rick and Morty the moment they enter the portal to transport somewhere else. In fact, the way these are designed, it looks as if the stack of books between them is the dimension they are traveling through. At first glance, it may make you laugh. But once you start to think about it, the design makes sense. Enjoy your library of books a little more with a touch of the magic of Rick and Morty!

Creative Rick And Morty Portal Bookends

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