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Rick and Morty Portals Mug

It may look like your ordinary drinking mug. It even works like a regular mug until you pour some hot liquid into it. The warm temperature from the inside of the mug causes the outside to react. It’s called a Rick and Morty Portal Mug for a reason. The heat causes the vision of Rick and Morty to appear as if they just transported onto your drinking vessel through the magic of one of their portal transportations. It’s a lot like magic but it isn’t. The Rick and Morty Mug is a great conversation piece or can become your favorite drinking mug. Regardless, it serves a greater practical purpose for holding and carrying any type of liquid.

Rick and Morty Portals Heat Change Mug

However, the only time you’ll see your favorite uncle and nephew duo is when the mug has something hot inside. Otherwise, it’s just a normal drink cup minus the mysterious appearance of Rick and Morty. When cold, the mug features rainbow line art on a black background. It’s the perfect gift for someone you know who drinks a lot of hot beverages. It’s also a great gift idea for the one person you know who is either a fan of Rick and Morty or is fond of time traveling when drinking. This special Rick and Morty Portal Mug measures approximately 10cm (H) x 10.5cm (W) x 10.5cm (D) so you can tell it will hold a fair amount of liquid.

Rick and Morty Portals Mug

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