Robotic Swimming Fish

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Every kid wants a pet but not many are fully committed to the tedious task of caring for the helpless animals. That’s just another irony of life but not when you have a robotic swimming fish – a hassle-free pet that doesn’t need any feeding or cleaning after. Just insert the batteries, throw the cute aqua robot in a cute fishbowl, and you are good to go. Your kids will love it and your cat will go crazy chasing the colorful robot swimming in the tank while you sit back and enjoy the show.


So what exactly is a robofish? It’s a small robotic swimming fish-shaped either as a Clownfish or tiny scary sharks. It comes in different colors to suit your taste and can swim around your fishbowl or tank in 5 different directions in completely realistic movements. The best thing about this toy is that they are maintenance-free, which makes them a great pet option for busy parents and lazy kids.

Robotic Fish

Another great thing about this artificial fish is that it doesn’t die of starvation. It can only run out of battery juice or get damaged but will last long without ever asking for food. With enough juice in their batteries, the colorful real-looking guys will keep on swimming happily all day and night. Say goodbye to pet funerals and awkward questions about the existence of fish heaven from your kids by getting these toys.

Robotic swimming fish

They are also water activated so you don’t need to worry about switches or remote controls needed. Just collect a few and throw them into a fishbowl. However, you may need to replace one if your cat is lucky enough to catch one and tear off its tail. Otherwise, these little guys are designed to last and could even provide the perfect pet management practice for your kids before you get them a real one.