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Safecut Knife

Ever since that accident at Summer Camp, we haven’t been allowed anywhere near sharp objects. However, this Safecut Knife is a completely different matter. Well, provided you don’t tell the authorities anything about us having one. It does have a sharp edge to it, but it would take some doing in order for us to replicate a repeat performance of our spectacular incident at camp. Although, if we put some effort into it, we could possibly come close. If we really wanted to.

Safecut Knife Salad

This peeling and multi-use kitchen knife is safer for all concerned if it remains in the kitchen and used for food preparation as opposed to what we were trying to use one for. That, by the way, is a whole other story completely. What we are trying to say is that if you are accident prone and someone who usually gets labeled as a klutz or clumsy, this Safecut Knife is the perfect tool for you. We wouldn’t be trying to pull one over your eyes on this at all. Let us explain that further.

Thumb-Protecting Knife

There is a thumb protector. Seriously! The safecut part of this knife is that it comes complete with a snap on thumb protector. Someone said the thumb protector design was inspired by a thimble. We think it was inspired by emergency room visit stats. Regardless, you can slice away at whatever you have on your cutting board with confidence, knowing that your thumb is completely protected. It also comes in handy when you are peeling things like fruit and veggies.

Safecut Knife

Do you need this product? Well, let’s ask you a few questions. Do you leave behind much of your own blood when you are cutting up things in the kitchen? Do you have thumbs that have so many cuts in them that your fingerprints have been obliterated? If you answered yes to either of these, you not only need the Safecut Knife, you need some additional medical insurance. Trust us when we say, they call this a safecut knife for a reason. It cuts and it does it safely. Well, maybe.

Innovative Safecut Knife

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