Safety Nailer

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Safety Nailer

You don’t have a ton of tools because, quite honestly, you are a weekend DIYer. You have only the things you need. So, when you must pound a nail into a board, you’re ready, but you don’t have the best aim and sometimes, when the hammer comes down, you graze your other hand.

Safety Nailer

It’s not uncommon and it accounts for most of the bruising we have on the hand that always holds the nail for us. There has to be a better way, you know, something more reliable than trying to hold that nail with a pair of pliers. Well, believe it or not, the Safety Nailer is the one tool you’ll need. This will save both, your hand and fingers, on all future projects you take on that require hammering pointy things into lumber or some other material that will accept it.

Stop Hitting Your Fingers While Hammering

The Safety Nailer allows you to protect your nails while you hammer. All you do is pinch the nail between the two flaps that you hold shut from the outside with your hand. Then you just go ahead and bump it. It will go in straight and you won’t hit anything you shouldn’t hit when swinging a hammer at your other hand.

Red Safety Nailer

Oddly enough, this tool is far from a wacky gag gift or silly gadget. If anything, the Safety Nailer is the most important piece of safety equipment you will need the next time you start swinging a hammer. The nailer has multiple grooves to accept and hold different sized nails firmly and securely. Your fingers are protected at all times and you’ll never bend a nail again when you use this handy little tool. It also fits easily in all boxes or storage drawers.

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