Salt Firing Shotgun

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Salt Firing Shotgun

Tired of using a fly swatter to get at bugs? So are we and that’s why we are so excited to share with you details about this amazing Salt Firing Shotgun. Not only does it look a bit on the high-tech side, it performs a function that will cause you to toss your fly swatters, rolled up newspapers and fly strips. That’s because the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is designed to fire a spray of regular table salt at flies basically destroying them on contact. It’s quite amazing, really.


This is the only weapon you will need in order to rid your home of any kind of insect that bothers you. It requires no batteries to operate and actually has a pop-up sight to assist with your aim when you find a flying target to shoot at. Plus, since all it does is blast a portion of salt at your intended victim, there is no damage to any part of your home, furniture, windows and whatever else you end up shooting with salt. The salt also does a great job of eliminating the pests.

Bug-A-Salt Firing Shotgun

If one of your normal household chores is insect control, this shotgun that fires salt is going to make that job easier. It’ll also be fun to sneak up on an unsuspecting fly and tearing it apart with a single blast. This upgraded model features a lot more power and greater accuracy. It even has a texturized hand grip for better handling. This Salt Firing Shotgun is safe for use by adults and comes complete with a 90-day warranty. Tired of flies buzzing you indoors? Blast ‘em with this!

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