Santa Claus Toilet Cover

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Santa Claus Toilet Cover

He knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you’re awake. Now with this Santa Claus Toilet Cover he’ll know when you’ve been bad or good. If the whole idea of St. Nick spying on you freaks you out a little bit, this three piece set which includes a Santa Claus Christmas Toilet Seat Cover is not going to settle your nerves much at all. But if you are seeking a festive way to dress up your bathroom, this set is going to do that without a lot of extra decorations.

Santa Claus Christmas Toilet Seat Cover

The three piece festive set for your bathroom includes a rug which measures 22-inches by 23-inches and will fit perfectly around the base of your toilet. There’s also a tank cover which is 24 ¾-inches long by 12 ¼-inches wide which also has an elastic edge to fit securely. The final piece is the seat cover (23-inches by 20 ½-inches). It features the face of the jolly old elf and also has an elastic edge to provide a snug fit when put in place. It makes for a festive bathroom.

Christmas Toilet Seat Cover

As an added bonus, the rug comes with a colourful contour design which includes skid resistant rubber on the underside. All of these pieces are machine washable and will stay looking bright and festive during the Christmas season. They make great decorations for when you have company over for the holidays or just to get you into the mood. Santa is always watching you and now you can have proof of this with these great looking bathroom accessories!

Santa Claus Toilet Seat Cover

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