Satisfying Whisk Wiper

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Satisfying Whisk Wiper

When we first set eyes on the whisk that Mom brought home to the farm way back when we could not believe our eyes. She had found a tool that she could use to whip up anything she was cooking instead of having to use her fingers in the hot pots of food. You can imagine her excitement and relief. We were just about as happy with this new development until we discovered something else. Each time she used the whisk, it left a lot of food on it that made for some great licking treats instead of begging to lick the spoon. Sure, we still did that but the whisk was fun and you’d get food all over your face when licking.

Genius Cleaning Tool

Had Mom been around when this whisk wiper was first created, we’d go right back to fighting over who got to finish what was left in the spoon. This multi-function whisk cleaning gadget allows you to wipe both the whisk and bowl in seconds and reduces the mess associated with using one.

Ingenious Cleaning Tool

The genius cleaner will perfectly fit the 11-inch whisk that comes as part of the package. There are a couple of precautions to keep in mind: the cleaner won’t fit every size of whisk, which is why one is included. Plus, this should not be exposed to high heat.

Whisk Wiper

If you follow those simple rules, you should be just fine. Oh, and when you get to cleaning the wiper, be sure to hand wash it. In other words, do not toss it into the dishwasher or washing machine. All you’re going to do is wreck it.

Oddly Satisfying Whisk Wiper

They also come in various colors so you can pick the one you either like or dislike the most. It really depends on whether or not you end up either using or licking the whisk. Aside from that, you have to admit that this satisfying whisk wiper is one handy little gadget.

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