Shoulder Strap Moving Harness

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Shoulder Strap Moving Harness

Nobody likes carrying large items. But, in certain situations such as when you’re moving house, you will need to lift some heavy furniture. This can lead to strains in your back and shoulders. Luckily, you can ease off the pressure with the shoulder strap moving harness. These straps are designed to encourage the best lifting techniques to minimize the risk of back injuries.

Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps

You can use the forearm forklift lifting straps for all pieces of heavy furniture. The leverage utilized by the straps decreases the force of the weight by up to 66%. This means you will put less stress and pressure on your body. You can also use the straps to carry items downstairs or in any other type of surface. Items of all sizes and weights are suitable for lifting with the shoulder strap moving harness. This includes fridges, desks, washing machines, dressers, and much more.

Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

The mechanism of the forearm forklift lifting straps works by attaching a harness directly under two people’s shoulders and the object. This allows the weight to be more balanced, and it forces the two lifters to adopt the safest lifting techniques. If you’re moving home, then this piece of kit will be essential. You can easily start getting all of the heavy items on to the truck without any hassle. With the harness, you can lift straight up rather than needing to bend. This makes the entire process easier and reduces the risk of injuries.

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