Smallest Mobile Color Printer

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Smallest Mobile Color Printer

Big, bulky and bothersome are three words that come to mind when describing home printers. Not only do they take up valuable desk space, they require printing supplies that also take up even more space than the printer. However, there is a solution and it is called quite simply The World’s Smallest Mobile Color Printer. It got that name because it describes it perfectly – small, mobile, color printer. PrinCube will change the way you view printing from this point forward.


It works using wifi so all you have to do is upload your text, image or design from your smartphone and the ultra-light printer will be ready to go. What makes this Smallest Mobile Color Printer so amazing is that it can print on virtually any surface ranging from metal and textiles to plastics, wood, leather and even on skin. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking – temporary tattoos – then you just found a new use for this crazy little color printer.

The World’s Smallest Mobile Color Printer

Here are some specs to blow your mind. A single charge will give you 6 hours of printing time and over a year in standby time. It also has 20 times more memory than all other mobile printers on the market and it makes use of the newest 3-color thermal ink jet technology so that it prints vibrant, full-color prints each time you use it. The ink cartridge is easy to replace and that is a big deal if your goal is to use this anywhere it will print your message or design.

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