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Smart Cutting Board

You know what the problem is with traditional knife blocks and cutting boards? They tend to collect gouges and scrapes that can over time make them look unattractive. But if you were to examine those marks closely you would discover that the gouges and scrapes have become the home to various types of bacteria. And just to think about it, you would still be using the cutting board to slice up food. Yuck! The Smart Cutting Board eliminates 99.99% of all germs and bacteria each time you use it. But how exactly does it do that?


There is a powerful 254nm UVC light that gets activated each time you place your knife between the two cutting surfaces. The light sanitizes up to three knives and the cutting surfaces all at once allowing you to slice, dice, chop, cut or whatever you usually like to do with sharp objects and a chunk of wood.

ChopBox’s Cutting Board

But that’s not all you get with this amazing Chopbox made of 100% organic bamboo. There is a digital timer, a weigh scale, a groove to catch juices a couple of knife sharpeners and all of this is waterproof and runs on a quick-charging battery that will last up to 30 days per charge. You could call it a super cutting board with a handful of extras but that would be hard to remember and could become a big issue come marketing time. So we just call it the Smart Cutting Board and remind you that it comes with a number of great extras your kitchen would appreciate.

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