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Smart Splitter

The traditional method of splitting and chopping wood using an axe is not an easy affair and is no doubt, physically demanding. Such work takes a toll on your body and may lead to strains in the neck, shoulder and other health problems in the long run. As such if you happen to be in search of a smart, safe and efficient method to split wood without sweating it out, the Logosol Smart Splitter is here to get the job done.

Smart Splitter

The innovative device allows easy splitting of varying sizes with minimal effort and maximum safety. This is made possible as it comes with a patented design which combines two poles featuring two wedge-shaped axes and a striking weight which is used to strike the splitter. To split the wood, all that is required is to place the wood under the smart splitter, lift the weight and then let it go. The force that is exerted on the edge of the blades is rated at around 14 tons, which makes easy work of any logs.

Logosol Smart Splitter

This ingenious splitter brings with it multiple benefits, including safety, better ergonomics, efficiency, ease of use and is also highly economical. It is also highly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of work settings as well. Thus with the Logosol Smart Splitter, chopping and splitting woods will be a breeze at all times.

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