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Solar System Tree Ornaments Saturn

When you say that this set of Christmas tree ornaments is out of this world you would be stating a true fact. That’s because these Solar System Tree Ornaments are just that – realistic depictions of the many planets that make up the solar system that Earth is a member of. You don’t even have to have an interest in science to enjoy what these delicate, blown glass ornaments represent. They look so real that you’ll want to keep them hanging around long after the holidays.

Solar System Tree Ornaments Sun

This Solar System Christmas Ornament Set comes with all the planets and they are to scale. Well, to scale when compared to each other. The smaller planets are 2-inches with the larger ones measuring up to 4-inches. Saturn, naturally, is the biggest at 4.5-inches with rings. As we said, these are realistic and once you get them on your Christmas tree you will enjoy them even more. They are light enough that sunlight or tree lights can be seen through them.

Jupiter Christmas decoration

If you are one of those who still like to consider Pluto as a planet as opposed to a downgraded dwarf planet, then you will thoroughly enjoy this set of Solar System Tree Ornaments because Pluto is included. These are strong glass ornaments although you will want to be careful when storing them to keep them in good shape. Otherwise, as you gaze at your Christmas tree, you’ll be able to imagine a giant evergreen tree as part of our solar system holding the planets together!

Solar System Tree Ornaments

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