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What kind of Halloween party is it if there are no spider-webs and cobwebs to get into everyone’s face and hair? You can’t just expect the spiders crawling around your house to focus just on prepping for your party. That’s why you have to sometimes turn to new technology for a hand. In this case, it’s the Spider Web Gun Shooter that gets you the coverage you need when spinning a web of lies is part of your party method of madness. This gun will spit out some fine webbery. You could actually take this with you anywhere you need to fire some scary webs to set a mood, sell a feature, make your family and friends afraid of you… the possibilities are well, endless.

Halloween spider web launcher

Known as the world’s most realistic web spinner, this Halloween device needs an air compressor and uses in the neighborhood of 80-watts of power to produce up to 2-pounds of webbing in an hour. Try getting those house spiders to match that. It’s also a tad too technical for us at any time of the day or night. However, even if you have no real practical knowledge of physics, we can tell you that this gun does pack a punch and will send webs to places you’ve likely never imagined they would fit or attach. Well, that’s our story.

Spider Web Gun Shooter

Actually, what makes Spider Web Gun Shooter the most useful decorating tool in your kit is that each web the gun produces will actually glow in black light. Think that’s creepy? Imagine what your house spiders are planning to do!

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