Spyra One Water Gun

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Spyra One Water Gun

It’s annoying to have a water gun toy that doesn’t measure up to the hype. Usually, they start to leak or they are hard to aim or they just don’t shoot much of anything at anything. That’s all a thing of the past with the Spyra One Water Gun. This will be the last water toy you will ever spend money on because it is quite simply the best one in the market. In fact, no other water gun can measure up to the power and accuracy of this particular brand and style.

Spyra One Water Gun

The Spyra One Water Gun is not your ordinary spray gun. That’s because it is electronic. This product comes complete with a digital display that indicates the number of shots you have remaining in your current fill. The design also provides for easy, fast and simple refilling by just dipping the tip of the gun in water. After that, the gun automatically re-pressurizes itself and is ready to go with a number of new rounds from the extra water.

Spyra One Adult Water Gun

If that’s not impressive enough, the Spyra One also operates with ease. You don’t have to pump it at all. Just press the trigger and a 30-milliliter bullet of water is released. That single shot can travel up to 40 feet away so when you carry this weapon, you are truly armed and dangerous. The farther you fire, the lighter the bullet to where it will finally become a mist. Win those all-important water gun fights at the pool or in the street with this amazing water weapon!

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