Stair Climbing Cart

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Stair Climbing Cart

The next time you find yourself faced with the chore of hauling something heavy up a flight of stairs, turn to the UpCart for help. What you get is an easy to use, fully assembled portable transportation cart. It folds up for storage and extends in an instant for when you need to use it. And this stair climbing cart trolley is versatile. You can use it to move a heavy load wherever it has to go. For example, this cart makes moving a 100-pound cabinet easy. It can do the same thing for a whole lot of groceries or any other big job. The wheels are star-shaped which provide superior traction and safety when climbing stairs and they can be adjusted by hand for the job.

UpCart Stair Climbing Trolley

Made from robust powder-coated aluminum, with a self-locking, spring-assisted modular frame, this three-wheel cart is stable, strong and capable. What makes this such an incredible tool is that although it weighs just 4.4-kilograms – it can handle much, much more than that. It is actually rated with a load capacity of 45.5-kilograms. The unique design allows this product to actually walk or climb over not just stairs but curbs as well.

Stair Climbing Folding Cart

The tires are made of a non-marking rubber and contain shielded ball bearings for smooth and reliable operation. You could keep one of these in your trunk for emergencies or just to be helpful when needed. With this Stair Climbing Cart in your tool shed, you’ll never have to break a sweat when moving anything ever again!

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