Star Wars Battle Drones

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Star Wars Battle Drones

If you haven’t heard or seen a drone flying around your neighborhood, you can start that trend with these Star Wars Battle Drones. That is if you don’t decide to just keep them as collectibles to have on display. But you really could light up the skies and your imagination with these, if you really wanted to. That’s because when you are talking about Star Wars memorabilia, you know you are talking about some pretty classic sci-fi movie entertainment and high tech aircraft.

Propel Star Wars Battle Drones

The thing to remember most about these Propel Star Wars Battle Drones is that they are not just toys, they are legitimate flying machines. Sure, they are scaled down to the point where you can only fly them and not ride in them, but that’s okay. One reason is that these drones can reach flying speeds of up to 35 mph and have three different speed settings, depending on your actual flight experience. They even have altitude stabilization mode to help with your flying skills.

Star Wars X-Wing Battling Drone

Each of these special edition quadcopters is hand painted to hobby quality and each carries an individual number. If you get good enough at it, you can battle up to 12 drones at once. The wireless remote requires 4 AA 1.5 volt alkaline batteries, which are not included but take only half an hour to recharge. Take your collectibles to new heights with one of these Star Wars t-65 X-Wing quadcopters. It won’t take long before you start making use of The Force!

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