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As hard as it may be to believe, sometimes we need a hand with the many chores we work on here at MustHaveStuff. But before we can delegate some of those jobs, we need to know who is out there and what you can do. So, we sort of cheated and threw together a random “Submit A Product” page thinking that there may be someone out there that we can tap in every so often.

In other words,  if you think you have the stuff to help out at MustHaveStuff, let’s hear about it.  Fill out the form below with as much or as little detail as you dare. Creativity counts, but only for about 10-percent of the brain power you will need to pitch in. Submit as many products as you’d like so we can see what kind of stuff you look at online.

P.S. Submissions that are not accompanied by large amounts of money will be automatically disqualified. Just don’t tell the guys who run the internet that we said that. We don’t need them snooping around and figuring out what we are trying to do with this venture of ours. All other submissions must be in Klingon or a reasonable facsimile. 😛

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