Super Mario Chess Board

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Super Mario Chess Board

Blend the old and the new with a Super Mario chess board. The pieces are characters from the Super Mario Battle for the Mushroom Kingdom. The game is played as any traditional chess game. If you are not familiar with chess, you can find a very nice tutorial on the pieces and how they move online.

Super Mario Chess Board

For this Super Mario Bros Chess game, the white pieces are the “good” guys: Mario is the king, Luigi is the queen. Princess Peach and Daisy are the bishops, the Yoshis are knights, the toads are rooks, and the pawns are coins. On the black side of the board, King Bowser is king, and Bowser Junior is Queen. The Magikoopa are bishops, Birdo are the knights, and the Goombas are the rooks. The pawns are turtle shells. Just to keep players from becoming confused, each piece has its standard chess designation written on the base.

Super Mario Chess

Also, this Super Mario chess board is an excellent first set for kids. However, if your young player gets bored with the standard chess moves, the nicely detailed pieces can also be used as toys for tabletop imaginative play. The set is fully endorsed by Nintendo, making it also an excellent set for Mario collectors. No matter how you go at it, this is a chess set that can have multiple purposes and can be the basis for a lot of fun.

Super Mario Bros Chess

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