Super Mario Christmas Ornaments

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Super Mario Christmas Ornaments

All we want for the holidays is a Christmas tree that has a reliable level of invincibility. The best way to achieve that would be with this unique and universally understood set of Super Mario Christmas Ornaments. The beauty that comes from this set is that the tree topper is an actual Mario star that grants the player who captures it a period of invincibility. You could say that it will give your tree an added bit of security or at the very least, some protection from evil.

Mario Bros. Christmas Ornaments

In addition to the spectacular tree topper, which is made of clear ABS plastic, has a single yellow coat of paint and will fit any tree, you also have a selection of Mario-themed ornaments. And really, what kind of Christmas tree would you have if it just had the invincibility star and no other Mario items on it? The Super Mario Christmas Ornaments in this set includes all your favourite good guys and villains that you can set up in your tree chasing each other.

Power Star Christmas Tree Topper

For the game geek in your family, or to just celebrate a holiday with an interesting game theme, you can’t go wrong with anything related to the Mario Brothers family of games. These guys are far more than just a couple of plumbers trying to work their way across your game screen and avoiding obstacles. They are a way of life for many of us who remember the first time we saw a Mario game back in the old days. Funny, now that we think of it, they have not aged a bit!

Super Mario Christmas Tree Ornaments

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