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SwitchBot Curtain

Opening and closing curtains can be a real pain. So much so that if you could get the job done by actually avoiding having to physically do it yourself, what would you think? Sure, you could just hire someone to open and close your curtains daily, but that would make you look lazy. Instead, why not install the SwitchBot Curtain? Not only will it save you from hiring someone to open and close your curtains, it will do the job for you quickly, easily and without fuss.

SwitchBot Curtain

The device attaches directly to your curtain rod and will automatically open or close your curtains. It can be hooked up to your smartphone and programmed with times to let the sunshine in and when to shut the world out. It also installs in just seconds without tools or an engineering degree required. There is an internal rechargeable battery that will give you about 8-months of working time depending on how often you open and close your curtains.

SwitchBot Curtain Robot

In addition to setting regular times, you can manually change that up in an effort to deter thieves who may be monitoring when it appears that someone is in your home or not based on when the curtains open or close. The SwitchBot Curtain will fit any size curtain rod enabling you to make use of this fabulous device as soon as you install it!

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