Talon Ice Tongs

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Talon Ice Tongs 1

Whether you’re a fan of The Game of Thrones or just like to spook your guests out with weird stuff around your house, these Barfly Talon Ice Tongs make a nice addition to any bar. You’ve got to protect your furry animal friends from the sharp claws of flying predators; now you have to protect your ice cubes, too. The talon ice tongs make a great gift for dragon and bird lovers alike.

Talon Ice Tongs 2

When you’re planning a party, you need a bar with “style and flair.” When you’re planning a party, you need tongs for ice cubes. These ice tongs are the perfect fit; both stylish and functional. The Talon Ice Tongs have a vintage feel and are made with antique brass plated stainless steel. Their claw ends are engineered to firmly hold ice in place with extra heavy-duty construction. Oh, and they’re 7 7/8 inches long.

Talon Ice Tongs 3

Looking for a nice addition to your Halloween party? Break out these talon ice tongs and give a spooky feel to your bar. Use them to shake up some specialty cocktails, like the Albatross or Dirty Bird. Or really any cocktail that includes alcohol will work.

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