Tetris Storage Benches Set

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Tetris Shaped Storage Benches

You may still have the app on your handheld device. The game is Tetris and the challenge is to get the odd-shaped pieces fit together to clear levels. The easy part was each shape was made up of a combination of four or five squares arranged in box-like designs. The hard part was flipping the shapes around so they would fit as they cascaded down your computer screen. Now you have the very same idea but with large storage benches that you can use and fit into any room depending on how you arrange them. This Tetris Storage Benches Set includes a total of five pieces and they are designed to fit together just as you would expect the game to do.

Tetris Storage Benches Set

The benches each contain plenty of storage space. The tops of them are covered in brightly colored cushions matching the colors you would recognize from the game. This Tetris Shaped Storage Benches Set is great for the kid’s bedroom, playroom, covered deck, cottage, shed or wherever you need some hidden storage space. Just load them up and move them around and you’ll have as much fun as you used to have. Only this time you are part of the game action!