The Smart Planter

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The Smart Planter

Are your plants always dying? Have you tried everything? Well, don’t give up just yet. Put your trust in this smart planter with feelings. This fun planter has real feelings, and it will tell you when something is wrong. The animated facial expression will alert you when a plant needs water or lacks light.


The Lua works with ingenious technology innovation. It has sensors that can detect all of the important metrics of a plant. This includes water, heat, light levels, humidity and everything else. In total, it has 15 clever sensors that will alert you immediately so that you can get them fixed. This is a great tool to have when you’re away or if you simply don’t have the time needed to constantly monitor your plant. The Smart Planter is easy to set up, and it is even fun to start using. You will be motivated to turn that animated frown upside down.

The Smart Planter With Feelings

Lua has real feelings, and you will always want to keep the planter happy. It is easy to set up through a smartphone app. You will simply need to scan a QR code, and the planter will be ready to go. The personality will be on show in the app, and you will be alerted when something is going wrong. This means you can deal with problems right away and allow your plants to thrive. When your plant is thirsty, cold, or hungry, the planter will be sure to let you know.

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