The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

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The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

Learning the alphabet is hard enough but when there are words in the English language that sound one way and are spelled another, no wonder some of us can’t quite grasp it. Now that you have The Worst Alphabet Book Ever Made, those spelling mistakes will soon become a thing of the past because everyone knows that although Pterodactyl starts with a “P” it sounds like a “T” to confuse us all since caveman times.

C is for Czar

Speaking of that wonky word, why is knight spelled with a “K” when it clearly has an “N’ sound? That’s a fair question and that plus all kinds of other nutty English spellings are discussed, shared and somewhat destroyed in this spelling book that turns childhood lessons upside down and inside out. Hey, it isn’t easy spelling even some of the most common words and when you try to do it phonetically, you completely miss the point of what is going on here.

K is for Knight

With P Is For Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever, you’ll learn these lessons along with your children. Written after a few years of hard work by rapper Raj Haldar (Lushlife) from Philadelphia, with help from a couple of his friends, the oddities of the English language provide all the content needed here and most of it will make sense once read through. The bottom line here is that learning should be fun for everyone and that includes when the work and the words don’t make all that much sense at all!
M is for Mnemonic

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