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Thermal Viewer

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or someone just starting in the world of hunting, the importance of having the right equipment cannot be overlooked. If you happen to be hunting in dark or poorly lit environments, having a thermal viewer can do wonders during your hunt. The Leupold Thermal Viewer as such is a great compact device, which is an excellent addition to your hunting gear, giving you better visuals when out spotting or hunting.

Leupold Thermal Viewer

The Leupold Thermal Viewer will help you track, and spot game, predator, or other features be it day or night. This is made possible as it comes with an infrared sensor which can detect heat signatures and identify objects, and then display it into a 1.2 AMOLED display with a wide field of view. Also, can detect object 750 yards away while identifying them once they reach 150 yards. Another cool thing about this product is that it comes with 6x zoom making target identification that much easier.

Thermal Tracker

Coming to its build quality and construction, the Leupold Thermal Viewer is very well built and comes in a very portable size. It measures 5.9 inches in length while weighing no more than 7 ounces, making it an easy carry for anyone. The battery powering it can deliver 3 hours of functionality. The Leopold Thermal Viewer is also very durable and sturdy, making it a great acquisition for all hunters and homeowners.

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