Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

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Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

When someone says it’s time to crack open a cool beer, you’ll be ready when you have this Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener handy. That’s because there’s nothing like being able to open a bottle with something that doubles as a conversation piece. In fact, expect some of them to focus entirely on your unusual, but really amazing piece.

Mjolnir Beer Bottle Opener

When you own Thor’s Hammer, everyone is going to know that you mean business. That’s because the God of Thunder’s commands respect, attention, admiration and did we say respect? Oh, yeah. We covered that part already. Regardless, the point is that in order to get to the contents of the bottle, you need to remove the cap. Why do it with any ordinary bottle opener when you can use this stunning product?

Novelty Beer Opener

This handy little tool measures a full six inches from head to handle, which means there is plenty of room to grip and use it. It also comes packaged in a unique wrap-around deluxe case, which in a way, makes this either a collectible or your favorite party accessory. It just depends on whether or not you choose to use it. Hey, why not get two so you can store one for display and use the other one for cracking open bottles of cold ones?

Marvel Beer Opener

For the comic book fan or just Marvel fan in your life, one of the best gifts you can give is something like this Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener. It would make a great present for any occasion and since it isn’t very big, you can stash it away anywhere you need to keep a bottle opener handy.

Marvel Bottle Opener

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