Thor’s Hammer Toolbox

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Thor Hammer Toolbox

Sometimes you need a little extra inspiration when you are about to embark on another one of those fun and incredible DIY projects. Nothing feels better than to get together a stack of random articles and, with the right tools, convert that pile into something useful and productive. Alas, not all of us have access to the best quality hand tools known to man. But you can come pretty close with this Thor’s Hammer Toolbox because it will set you apart from all the rest.

Thor Hammer Toolbox

Not only that, but this mythical object is more than meets the eye. Sure, the toolkit looks like the hammer of Thor. We’ve tried to mention that subtly and we think we’re getting that message through. But, what really makes this Thor’s Hammer Toolbox special is what is inside. Once you pop it open, it should blow your mind or at least tickle it some. The inside happens to hold 44 different pieces so that you can do a lot with it.

Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

Here you’ll find all kinds of basic tools, including a hammer… ha-ha! There’s also a level, screwdriver, tape measure, wrench, a ratcheting wrench, utility knife and assorted extra do-dads that will make this your go-to toolbox when you can’t get to your workbench. The Thor’s Hammer Tool Set is easy to carry and looks stunning as a giant hammer.

Thor’s Hammer Toolbox Inside

What we are trying to say here is that as cool as it looks, it’s also a pretty useful kit. You don’t see a lot of these kinds of things anymore, where there is an equal amount of function that comes with an otherwise funny, non-traditional looking item. How we wish someone would get us one of these, so we can use it too.

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