Three Player Chess

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Chess for three players

Can chess get any more difficult? The answer is simple: YES! But the good thing about this is that the Three Player Chess solves the eternal problem of the odd player in a classroom or at a party. The round board has lines that map the diagonal moves, which can be a little tricky on a round board with three armies marching across it. The round board is attractive, making it a nice gift for a chess enthusiast. The armies are standard chess pieces, created in three different colors to make it easy to distinguish them.

Three Player Chess Board

The 3-man chess board is set up in much the same way as the two-man chess. The difference quickly becomes obvious when the play starts. Alliances are possible – for a while. A tangle of three armies instead of just two has taken the field, which means that players need to exercise extreme diligence in watching their flanks. The objective, of course, is to move your pieces from one side of the board to the other and to place both your opponents’ kings in check. If you want to be truly elegant about it, placing them both in checkmate at the same time is an exceptional thrill.

3 Man Game

This chess game is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, a strategist’s dream come true. If you’re finding plain old two-player chess just not enough of a challenge, then this could be the game you’re seeking. If you have a chess champion on your gift-giving list, then three player chess could be the gift that will make his or her day.

Three Man Chess Board

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