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Mini Golf Set Toilet Game

Okay, this may come off as being a tad personal, but we have got to do it. Sometimes sitting on the toilet is a rather dull exercise. Even if you have access to a wide variety of magazines, there are times when you’d much rather not spend that time reading. Sure, we know that for many people, the bathroom is their designated reading room. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making that your study and filling it with the educational books you prefer to use in such tiny quarters. For us, we opted for magazines however, our choices may not have been considered educational although that was our excuse each time we got caught ‘reading’ one.

Toilet Mini Golf Set

Sitting in the bathroom should be fun. Well, at least it shouldn’t be boring and with this toilet mini golf set, you’ll eventually look forward to spending more and more time in your bathroom. The set includes a putting green that you place at your feet. There are two golf balls, a putter and to make things official, the packages also has a flag stick. Imagine the workout you’ll get when sitting on the john. Instead of wishing you had something better to do, you can now turn bathroom breaks into a fun and exciting activity that will also improve your golf game – even if you don’t happen to be a golfer.

Toilet Golf Ball

The next time you have to go, you can now spend some quality time in the bathroom but putting around. Actually, as funny as that may sound, it is the truth. At least when you are seated on the throne, you won’t have other distractions that can wreck a perfect putt. The toilet mini golf set is going to help you to focus and by the time you get back to your office, you will have managed to get past the brain fart that was creating a stumbling block for that big project you are working on!

Potty Putter Golf Game

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