Trump Toilet Brush

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Trump Toilet Brush

That last thing you need after your morning constitutional is a clogged or dirty toilet bowl. It’s not only nasty, but it just stinks. For those especially messy mornings you find yourself stuck with clean up duty, why not reach for this handy little tool. It’s the Trump Toilet Brush and although it works like any other one, this particular brush is rather special. It happens to have a miniature Donald Trump made into the handle with the brush part forming the wild, bright yellow of The Donald’s hair. It may just clean that toilet bowl a little better as a result.

Donald Trump Toilet Brush

The Trump Toilet Bowl Scrubber is one-of-a-kind and not only performs the all important job of scrubbing away the crap and debris that can form, it does much more. There is no other kind of toilet bowl brush that can give you the satisfaction of rubbing Trump’s nose into it quite like this one.

Funny Trump Toilet Brush

Nor can you give yourself a few laughs while doing a job that Trump most likely hires others to do for him. It’s not pretty, but someone has to do it. If it’s going to be you, at least have some fun cleaning your toilet bowl with this realistic looking mini Trump on a stick!

Donald Trump Toilet Brush Doll

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