Typewriter Inspired Keyboard

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Typewriter Inspired Keyboard

Typewriters have been out of use for quite some time now and have been replaced by modern counterparts. However, the mechanical feel and feedback given by typewriter keyboards are still missed and cherished by many. As such for those people who cannot get enough of them, there comes a unique typewriter inspired keyboard. This is a modern version of a typewriter keyboard and comes with all the bells and whistles expected from a modern one.

Qwerkywriter S

For starters, the Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Keyboard comes with modern Cherry MX switches providing you a superb typing experience. Connectivity-wise it has Bluetooth and USB, allowing you to connect multiple devices in one go. It further comes with a built-in integrated stand to dock tablets of various sizes. Besides this, Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Keyboard also boasts an aluminum body with an anti-scratch coating. There are also knobs on each side of it giving you access to the volume and scrolling. To keep the nostalgia alive this cool device comes with a macro return bar as well allowing you to perform multiple functions with it.

Retro Keyboard with Tablet Stand

As vintage and old skill this typewriter inspired keyboard looks, it is not devoid of any modern technology and thus will satisfy even the most demanding tech nerds. As such if you want a keyboard which will provide you with a great typing experience or if you happen to be a fan of typewriter inspired keyboards, the Qwerkywriter S presents itself as a very compelling device and will no doubt keep you satisfied.

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