U-Shaped Body Pillow

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U-Shaped Body Pillow

This is a giant U-shaped body pillow designed to give you a high level of comfort while sleeping or relaxing on the bed. The best thing about this is its ability to keep your entire body including shoulders, neck, and hips perfectly leveled all night long. It ultimately ensures that your spine is properly aligned and relaxed throughout the night.

Total Body Support Pillow

The unique total body support pillow is ideal for athletes who want a comfortable way to soothe aches and pains, pregnant women looking for a more comfortable sleeping position, seniors and anyone who is looking for better back, hip, and neck support, patients recovering from surgery, and just about anyone who wants a perfect way to relax day and night. The giant pillow helps to reduce those painful cramps you develop after sleeping at an odd angle. It also allows you to sleep effortlessly on your side and avoid neck cramps and chronic back pain.

Giant U-Shaped Body Pillow

The giant U-shaped body pillow comes with a soft, non-allergenic, and huggable cotton pillowcase. It is made of fusion fiber which is a polyester polymer with high heat resistance. It is a synthetic stuffing material designed to maintain its shape without clumping even after several washes. The pillow also features a double-zipper lock that makes it easier to remove the cover for cleaning. It is a total body support pillow that you can reposition in any way you want when watching TV, reading, or working on the bed besides giving you a comfortable sleep at night.

Pregnancy Support Pillow

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