Umbilical Cord Phone Charger

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Umbilical Cord Phone Charger

Talk about using a lifeline to get your phone charged up for use. Nothing speaks to the vital need for an umbilical cord and the symbolism that comes from one. We all know it is our first connection to life, nourishment and energy. So when someone sees that you have one of these umbilical cord phone charger units they will know in an instant that you mean business. Or at least they will know that you are someone who really has a good connection somewhere.

iPhone Umbilical Cord Charging Cable

Essentially, this iPhone umbilical cord charging cable looks a lot like a real umbilical cord. It is constructed from silicone and is handcrafted to closely resemble a fleshy, life-like tube of life. In case you didn’t already know, you were connected to your mother with a real umbilical cord when you were growing inside of her. The cord provided you with all you needed to grow up healthy and strong before you were born. A phone charger umbilical cord brings life to the unit.

Pulsing iPhone Charger

What gives this product that special edge over any other typical charging cords – aside from how it looks – is that it is in actual fact a pulsing iPhone charger cord. That’s right. Plug it in and as your phone starts to charge the umbilical cord will start to move. It will basically twitch and pulsate resembling the way in which a real one would have delivered food and nutrients to you. Some may find this a tad on the creepy side. We happen to think it’s a pretty cool phone charger.