Under-Bed Night-Light

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Under-Bed Night-Light

This is not your ordinary night light. That is if you consider the average night light is one that plugs into an outlet and casts a bit of light into the room. This Under-Bed Night-Light is something quite different as it is under your bed and completely lights up the floor beneath it. Have a fear of monsters under your bed? This night light is going to cure you of that problem rather quickly. It also gives your room a professional glow it has never had before.

MyLight Motion Activated Night-Light

It sets up without any tools and comes complete with two motion and light-activated sensors. Along with that, the package includes two five-foot self-adhesive flex strips, a power supply to plug into a wall outlet and two cable clips to help conceal the cables. The Under-Bed Night-Light just sits there under your bed until one of the sensors is triggered and suddenly the floor is lit up. This is actually a great safety feature if you wander at night.

Under-The-Bed Motion Activated Night-Light

The soft light glow is easy on the eyes and is just bright enough to allow you to see your way to where you need to go within your room to reach the door or whatever else you need in the middle of the night. Rest easy knowing that you can find your way around your room safely without a bedside lamp!

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