Unicorn Travel Pillow

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Unicorn Travel Pillow

This is what little girl dreams are all about. The one and only travel companion you need happens to be this Unicorn Neck Pillow Hoodie. It’s the perfect thing to have on the road so you can catch a little shut eye and still be comfortable in your seat. The Hoodie Unicorn Travel Pillow is designed for use by anyone who is in a seated position so that means on a long car trip, on an airplane and even sitting on a train. There are so many ways it can be used.

Blue Unicorn Neck Pillow Hoodie

The design of this handy little travel pillow with hoodie was with comfort in mind. Not only does it feature soft, silky fabric, but the plush neck pillow is also cozy and will keep your neck from getting strained and will prevent headaches from such strain. The pillow happens to be filled with micro beads which allow it to conform exactly to the shape of your neck and shoulders to ensure a personalized, custom fit. This makes it even more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Cute Cushion for Girls

The hood that is part of this unicorn neck pillow provides you with privacy should you choose to catch a nap while in a moving vehicle with others seated near you. The pillow also features the details you would expect from a unicorn product. That includes a hologram horn, a rainbow coloured mane, facial features that are custom embroidered on a breathable blue cotton material. Get yours while they last!

Cute Travel Pillow

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