Wash Your Nuts Soap

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Has your man ever been so sweaty you had to tell him to go “Wash Your Nuts!?” Now there’s a soap you can give him to do it. The Wash Your Nuts Soap from the Hello Handsome line is a cheeky soap-on-a-rope that gets you squeaky clean. Shaped like a pair of shiny acorns, its almond scent will wash the sweatiest of nuts and leave them smelling fresh and woodsy. No need to worry any longer if your nuts are clean. Wash Your Nuts Soap can cut through the grimiest and greasiest of dirt.

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Wash Your Nuts Soap on a Rope makes a great gift for the special guy in your life. It provides for 9.2 ounces of long-lasting, clean shower fun. The attached rope makes showtime that much more convenient. Just hang the Wash Your Nuts soap-on-a-rope from your shower faucet or nozzle and grab when you’re ready to wash up.

After a long day of sweaty work, wash your nuts soap is the perfect solution to getting clean. Smell good on purpose with a fresh almond scent that’s bound to draw the ladies. It might even attract a bushy tailed squirrel friend looking to catch a nut. Time to de-funk once and for all with Wash Your Nuts Soap’s nutty almond scent.

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