Wine Condoms

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Wine Condoms

Trying to reseal an opened bottle of wine is sometimes impossible. But with Wine Condoms it doesn’t really matter anymore. All you do is slip one on and let it do the rest. They are made with something called shrink to fit technology. What that means is that any opened bottle can be sealed with a wine condom as it will create a water-tight, air-tight seal that can be used over and over again, keeping your wine in drinkable condition for as long as it takes to finish.

Funny Wine Condoms

The unique thing about this wine bottle stopper is that it allows you to seal bottles without having to purchase additional bottle stoppers. Besides, traditional bottle stoppers don’t always seal completely which can lead to a spill if the bottle is dropped. Wine condoms do not do this. They will seal in freshness and are 99.9-percent effective in preventing accidents when a bottle is tipped or knocked over. Your wine bottles need the added protection of a wine condom.

Wine bottle stopper

In addition to being very functional, wine condoms do help to set the mood in some situations. If you are serving wine in a casual setting, wine condoms can be a conversational piece as well as a novelty gift. However, the interesting thing to note is that as fun and funny as they may be, a wine condom is very useful. You’ll probably never buy another bottle stopper again once you see how well a wine condom fits and works. Plus, these condoms are reusable!

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