Wooden Pinhole Camera Kit

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Pinhole Camera Kit 1

If you’re a photographer who loves to take retro-looking photos, you’re going to love this wooden pinhole camera kit. The Woodsum Pinhole Camera comes as a do-it-yourself kit with parts made from high-quality wood. It’s an actual functional camera that uses 35 mm film, the most common type of film. The camera is amazingly battery-free as the 0.3mm pinhole lens does all the work. The pinhole camera kit is made from high quality wood and finished off with UV coating to give it a premium feel.

Pinhole Camera Kit 2

If you’ve never seen a pinhole camera before, they use a tiny pinhole instead of a lens. The photographer controls the camera’s exposure time which creates a more “vintage feel” for photos. Aka: the photos end up looking retro and blurry. There is also a built-in view finder that comes with the camera that you can put in or take out. There are hooks on either side for mounting a strap, too. You can also put it on a tripod because there’s a screw at the bottom of the camera that can be placed on a tripod.

Pinhole Camera Kit 3

The Woodsum DIY Pinhole Camera Kit makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves photography or someone looking to start up a new hobby. You’ll get to learn to develop your own film, too, which has become a lost art. Get ready to step back to a simpler time and indulge in nostalgia by taking vintage-looking photos with this pinhole camera kit.

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