Yelling At A Cat Sweater

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Yelling At A Cat Sweater

You’ve heard about ugly sweaters before. Well, this one borders somewhere between that and incredibly brilliant. It features a finger-pointing blond woman who is obviously disturbed by something nearby. Apparently she is yelling at something that is just outside of the frame. Next to her can be seen a partial face of a brunette who is obviously the blonde’s friend. Called the Yelling At A Cat Sweater, you can totally see that this is what is being depicted in the artwork.

Yelling At A Cat

The inspiration for this ugly sweater is the well-known internet meme of “woman yelling at a cat”. Okay, we admit it. This is probably going to be a short-lived fad of some kind and that is why this product is being featured here today and not later in the year. Even if you don’t get the joke or understand the purpose of the fad, you have to admit that the look of the sweater is pretty amazing just the same.

Cat Getting Yelled At

The Yelling At A Cat Sweater is available in adult and youth sizes and can be reproduced on different color backgrounds but has a much better impact when it is on a dark one. This also means that almost any screenshot or photo could be transformed into an ugly sweater design. Hey, there are already a number of different “yelling at a cat’ variations out there. Make sure you get Cat Getting Yelled At Sweater to complete the set! So if you know someone who loves cats, you’ll want to get them one of these nifty sweaters!

Cat Meme Sweater

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