Zero F*cks Given Coins

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Zero Fucks Given Coins

There are days when you probably feel like you just don’t give a damn, but now you can. With a handful of Zero F*cks Given Coins, you can get your feelings across in a tangible way that cannot be ignored. Plus, when you give one of these novelty coins to someone you are making a statement. Hopefully, it happens to be a statement that requires no further conversation, discussion or any of that other stuff that tends to get in the way of a good decision.

Zero Fucks Coins

The Middle Finger Coins are actually made of nickel-silver and a package contains ten of them. Each of them is about the size of a Quarter. The design includes a sculpted middle finger with the inscription: “Spin on this” on the front with “Zero F*cks/0 F*cks” in large lettering on the back. In other words, if you were to be given one of these special coins, there would be no misunderstanding as to where you stood with the other person. This would make it clear.

Middle Finger Coin

Now, on the flip side (we had to try to get a money pun in there somehow) these novelty coins also make for fun gifts. Depending on your circle of friends, you can use these as practical jokes or gag gifts awarded to someone who truly earned one. Each coin is 1.073 inches in diameter and is .07 inches thick which makes them slightly larger than a quarter but closer to a quarter in size than any other coin in your pocket. Just be sure to not give these Zero F*cks Given Coins out when making change!

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